Make the Most of Your Professional Relationships

By Angie Droz on

business.jpgWhether you are reaching out to staffing services to help connect you with your dream job or partnering on short-term contracts, don’t forget to make the most of your professional relationships. Take full advantage of opportunities to make lasting connections in the engineering industry by applying these three tips.

1.) Be attentive

Being attentive to the people you meet in an interview or off-site during contract work is critical to relationship building. Take note of what other thought leaders in the engineering industry have to say, their approaches to tackling projects and how their perspectives differ from your own. Simply observing the people around you is the first step in understanding where they are coming from and learning how to engage with them moving forward. Even targeted relationships, where you connect with people at a distance, can teach you a great deal about the industry.

2) Start conversation

Good work relationships start with sharing ideas. Engaging in conversation is the best way to enhance your relationship with people. Whether that means reaching out with questions or participating in office activities, don’t be afraid to interact with coworkers and peers. For example, asking your supervisor to give you input on skills to improve is a great way to establish an honest communication channel and build your professional relationship. Likewise, asking people you have a more tentative relationship for their opinion can also strengthen your connection. Who knows? Sparking up conversation may even turn your part-time or short-term agreement into a full time position.

3) Stay in touch

Say thank you after your interview or contract is through. Staying in good terms with the people you work with is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn and the best way to maintain your professional relationship. Whether that relationship is tentative, a future competitor or a future co-worker, your contacts serve as one of your greatest professional strengths.

Although these three tips may seem obvious, they are so easily forgotten. Instead of just going through the motions at an interview, short-term contract or your permanent job, apply these tips and make the most of your relationships. Start by contacting TriMech Services today!