Log On To MySolidWorks & Gain Access To Certification Prep Material

By Courtney Bala on


One of the most common questions we receive regarding SOLIDWORKS certifications is “What’s the best way to study for an exam?” We often direct users to MySolidWorks, where they can find loads of videos designed to help them prepare for (and pass) their certification exams.

In 2015, SOLIDWORKS offered a special certification promotion. The promotion included open access to certification preparation materials and quizzes. Typically, the CSWA exam has a pass rate of around 65 percent, but thanks in part to last year’s special offer, the exam pass rate increased to nearly 85 percent!

If you’re a SOLIDWORKS customer with an active Subscription Service contract, you have access to MySolidWorks Standard by logging into MySolidWorks.com. The preparation materials cover many topics found in the CSWA exam.

In addition, MySolidWorks gives you access to more than 600 product tutorial videos, online storage services for sharing designs and a worldwide network of manufacturers who can help bring designs to life.

If the thought of exams and studying sends shivers down your spine, remember this: since introducing the CSWA program on MySolidWorks, users who completed the preparation course have experienced a 20% greater success rate of passing the exam on their first try than those who have not reviewed the preparation material.

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