Know Your Materials: Dental Materials

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Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers and specialty dental materials create multi-color dental models with unmatched accuracy that can mimic gum textures and print complex geometries. These multi-material models enable a variety of applications including orthodontic models, implantology case planning and cast partial frames. This additive manufacturing technology can empower you with more cost-effective interventions, enhanced efficiency, fewer risks and optimized patient outcomes.


Biocompatible Clear

Biocompatible Clear (MED610) is a rigid, transparent and biocompatible material that is medically approved for in-mouth placement. Suitable for over thirty days of bone/skin contact. It is mainly used for orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning of trays and surgical guides.


Flexible Biocompatible

Also know as MED625FLX, this material is described as a mash up where flexibility meets the biocompatible nature of the Biocompatible Clear (MED610) material. It is perfect for direct printing of indirect bonding trays. This enables shorter chair time for orthodontist and optimized bracket placement.

VeroGlaze Dental Model


With an opaque white material, it is easier to color match with the patients existing teeth. VeroGlazeTM (MED620) offers A2 shading designed to provide the best color matching in the industry. This material is perfect for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups. It is medically approved for in-mouth placement for up-to 24 hours.

Dental Materials Braces


Naturally peach toned and made from high-quality material, VeroDentTM (MED670) is well suited for dental and orthodontic models such as aligned arches. This material is not biocompatible. 

3D Printed Orthodontic Model - VeroDentPlus


The dark beige color sets VeroDentPlusTM (MED690) apart and has the ability to create very fine features and an amazing finish. The combination of strength and durability makes it ideal for orthodontic and dental models. It also has a higher level of opacity than VeroDentTM. This material is not biocompatible. 

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