Keyboard Shortcut for Selecting Identical Components in a SOLIDWORKS Assembly

By Alin Vargatu on

This was the favorite tech tip voted by the students from our SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling training class this August. When working with a complex assembly in SOLIDWORKS that contains multiple levels of subassemblies, it is important to be able to select all instances of a component instantaneously.

While this can be done using the “Select Identical Components” from the Advanced Selection dropdown menu (figure 1), it is much more effective to designate a keyboard shortcut to access this tool.

select identical components
Figure 1

To do that, right-click on any icon on the screen and select Customize or use the drop-down shown in Figure 2.

Keyboard shortcut tips: customize
Figure 2

In the Customize toolbar, select the Keyboard tab and search for Select Identical Components (Figure 3).

Select identical components
Figure 3

I suggest using “C” as the keyboard shortcut.

Once the shortcut is defined, select one or more components from the graphics area or the FeatureManager Tree and press “C”. You will notice that all instances of the preselected components are selected, regardless of where they are in the structure of the assembly.

For more use cases of this tool, including the creation and usage of Selection Sets and Display States please watch this video.

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