Keeping Your Skills Sharp

By Jeremy Hirsch on

Some of you may know the parable about the two woodcutters. There are several variants of the tale, but it boils down to this: two woodcutters decided to have a competition to see who could cut more wood in a single day. One chose to chop away at their fastest possible speed. The other chose to take breaks. The first woodcutter assumed he would have won because he went at the task relentlessly. He was astonished when the second woodcutter had chopped more trees.

The first woodcutter pressed the second, “How was this possible?” The second remarked that every time he took a break, he would stop to sharpen his ax. So, while the first kept about the competition he was eventually working with a dull ax and making things harder on himself.

While things are opening back up across the nation, many of us still have more home time then we are accustomed to. Even as things resume, it still might make sense to slow down and make sure your skills are not getting rusty. Here are several ways to make sure your engineering skills are as sharp as ever.

Take Online Courses

Take Online CoursesMaybe you are already a certified SOLIDWORKS professional and you know everything there is to know about the program. However, chances are there is always an area you could fine-tune or a new skill set you could pick up. There are so many resources only a click of the mouse away where you can learn more about CAD, CAM, PDM, 3D printing and a whole array of other topics. But brushing up on these topics or learning about a new one can make things easier at your current job or even make you stand out for your next opportunity.

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Tune Into Webinars

Tune Into WebinarsPerhaps in-depth courses might not fit your schedule or budget, no worries, you can still “sharpen your ax” in other ways, for example, webinars. There are a vast number of webinars available, both live and on-demand, you can watch to increase your skills. Whether it is learning about new or top features within SOLIDWORKS or learning how to ramp up production speeds for your business, you can pick up a lot of valuable information to maximize your not only your skills but company value.

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Stream Video Tips

Stream Video TipsIf the above options do not fit into your schedule, did you know you have a whole wealth of videos at your fingertips? Video Tech Tips exist to walk you through and deepen your understanding of a wide breadth and depth of engineering topics. You can pull them up first thing in the morning while you enjoy your coffee or even watch a short video after you put the kids to bed. These videos are constantly available to work around your schedule.

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Even by reading this blog, you have found another resource to further sharpen your skills. There are so many opportunities available online and now is a great time to look around and discover something you did not know you were missing. We are here to help you find the right software, skills, hardware, support, individuals and more so that you can keep cutting away.

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