Keeping Engineers Efficient: When to Supplement with Engineering Services

By Riley Rudd on

Many companies with their own internal engineering departments are making the decision to leverage outsourced project engineering services as well. Whether it be for an extra hand to meet deadlines, or providing technical expertise for anything from basic CAD design and modelling projects to high level FEA and CFD analysis, project engineering services provide unique benefits that can be a part of every company’s engineering strategy.

Bridging the Bandwidth Gap

Regardless of how robust an engineering department may be, many unexpected situations can pop up that leave teams little time to adapt and still hit deadlines. A client of TriMech utilized our Project Engineering Group (PEG) when their company experienced unprecedented growth, leaving their engineering team unable to keep up with the work. TriMech’s PEG team provides skilled professionals that can begin working on your project immediately, eliminating the timely process of finding, hiring, and onboarding more engineers. This solution is especially helpful for unusually busy situations where it wouldn’t make sense to hire engineers long term and helps companies to effectively adapt to those growth challenges.


Deliver Better Results

Many companies seek out engineering services in the case of an uncommon project that their engineers do not have adequate tools or expertise to deliver. One client reached out to the PEG team for this exact reason, as they needed a specialized project completed but their engineers had limited experience in the area. Company leadership recognized the value in investing in a project engineering service with the right skill set to ensure it was done efficiently and effectively. Utilizing the broad scope of TriMech’s PEG capabilities resulted in saved time and money.

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Keep Internal Engineers Future-Focused

We often hear from clients that their engineers are stuck doing repetitive tasks, rather than working toward the future of the company. One of our clients noticed that their engineers were spending most of their time on smaller, routine projects that required no idea generation or creative thinking. They decided to invest in TriMech’s project engineering service to take over some of those routine, time-consuming projects and free up their internal engineers for the high value future-focused projects that they previously had no time for. This growth-accelerating strategy allows engineers to move from spending just 10% of their time on idea generation to upwards of 80-100%.

The PEG Solution

A considerable portion of the PEG team’s work is focused on supplementing established engineering departments. These companies strategically utilize the broad scope of the PEG team’s capabilities, allowing them to increase their engineering team’s bandwidth and promote success within their company.

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