Isolating Weldment Bodies for 2D Detail Views

By Jacob Ifft on

If you have ever been involved in drawing weldments, you may have wanted to show just one body of the weldment in a view for a 2D drawing. There are many ways to get this end result, but there is a definite “winning” way to do it. For this example, we will be looking at a round table weldment. I will be showing how to isolate a weld on mounting foot as well as the tabletop inserts and seat inserts. The resulting views could be saved as a .dxf if desired and cut out with some kind of CNC. Even if a .dxf isn’t the goal the method I will show helps to create an isolated view that is still linked to the Weldment Cutlist numbering scheme if you want to attach a bubble that refers back to that table.

  • First things first, let’s look at our table:

Table model

  • Now let’s take a look at an iso-view of the table along with its cut list:

iso-view of table

  • Now let’s create some views that isolate the plasma components by first placing a top view:

top view

  • Click in the view focus of that newly created view to bring the drawing view dialogue up in the property manager box:

property manager box

  • Select the “Select Bodies” button and it will fly you back into your 3D model to pick which body you want to show:select bodies
  • Now if we hit the green check the top view will only show the seat insert body (P.S. I added the balloon, note that it corresponds with our cut list:top view only showing the seat insert
  • Now with the same method I will create a view for each of the “Plasma” components (note that I’ve added balloons to these views also):

plasma components

If you were already aware of this technique, good job! There are many more complicated ways that this could be attempted, but this method has been the most pain free for me in practice. If you would like to learn more SOLIDWORKS tips, check out our training courses.