Is Your Candidate Emotionally Intelligent?

By TriMech on

Frequently, people consider intelligence to be strictly book smarts based on knowledge. But what about emotional intelligence (EQ)? People with excellent emotional intelligence make for great employees that can bring a lot to a company. They easily work with multiple personalities, make an effort to build relationships, they are empathetic and most importantly they are self-aware. So how do you make sure you are hiring someone with a high EQ? 

1. Ask for References

A person’s past is a great representation of their future, especially when it comes to hiring and considering work ethics. Not only will a candidate’s references be able to expand on their performance and character, but also they have great insight into how that person handles themselves.

Consider asking references questions such as:

  • What did you observe as a motivation for this candidate?
  • How did the candidate interact with the rest of the staff?
  • How did the candidate improve while they were in that position?
  • How did the candidate handle a mistake or stressful situation?

2. Observe Their Interaction Outside the Interview

How someone handles themselves before an interview can also be a critical period for observation. This will tell you how they treat people they may not know, especially if they are nervous. How they treat the receptionist or people on the elevator is something to take note of, you can even ask them about their interactions later on. You want someone that will treat all people with respect no matter their position or what the candidate’s emotional state is.

3. Conduct a Personality Test 

Personality assessments are used in many scenarios to test someone’s EQ. They can give you a deeper understanding of the candidate’s personality, their problem-solving ability and interpersonal skills. It would be best to use this if a candidate is further into the interview process. This feedback should match your takeaways from the candidate’s behavior in the interviews themselves.

People with high EQ are known to not only own failures but learn from them as they are reflective, natural leaders and focus on the “how” in all situations. These are great characteristics for anyone to bring into your company.

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