Introduction to Mouse Gestures in SOLIDWORKS

By Chris Joren on

Mouse gestures are activated by simply right clicking and dragging your mouse in a certain direction. This direction corresponds to a SOLIDWORKS command that is set by you in the customization window. In this Video Tech Tip, we demonstrate how using just two commands can save time as well as allow for practice utilizing whichever two commands you use the most.

>> Click to watch an introduction to Mouse Gestures in SOLIDWORKS

Mouse gestures are fully customizable and a distinct set of gestures will be used for Sketches, Parts, Assemblies and Drawings. This allows you to fully streamline your design process no matter where you’re at in the software. This saves valuable time, as you’re not constantly going back to the toolbar to select your most common commands.

It’s a great idea to print out your mouse gestures each time you update them. Hanging the printout near your monitor is a surefire way to remember which gestures you’ve added and to remind yourself to practice with them!

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