Introducing FilletXpert in SOLIDWORKS

By Chris Joren on

When modeling in SOLIDWORKS, oftentimes we leave our fillets and rounds for last. This is a great practice that makes sure you get your model geometry set before adding cosmetic or machining features. This can also lead to frustration, as you’ve just modeled a very complex part, but the fillet just won’t work. This is where FilletXpert can help. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we’ll show you how FilletXpert works.

The first indication that there might be a fillet issue is when the preview suddenly stops showing. Sometimes the feature still works, but usually, this indicates it’s going to fail. The error message that accompanies fillet failures is a generic one, typically helpful only in telling you which feature failed, but not exactly why.

The answer to why many fillets fail is that they are very order dependent. Sometimes, doing your 1mm fillets before your 2mm fillets works, while other times you must do the 2mm first to get them to work. This can also happen within a single fillet feature. We all love that we can select all 164 edges to fillet at once, but sometimes all 164 can’t be created at the same time.

FilletXpert Fillet in SOLIDWORKS

What FilletXpert does is simply iterate the fillets until it finds a solve order that does work (if there is one). You will usually end up with more features in your design tree, but you can always highlight them all and add them to a fillet folder.

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