Install SOLIDWORKS PDM on a Client Machine

By Steven Schaeffer on

From the original EPDM to the release of PDM Standard in 2016 to the recent additions in SOLIDWORKS 2017, there is more motivation than ever to explore SOLIDWORKS’ Product Data Management software. To help get you started, I walk through how to easily install SOLIDWORKS PDM on a client machine. 

To install SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can use the Installation Manager or you can use the full download of SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP1 (demonstrated in video). If you already have this download on your computer, then all you have to do is navigate to SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP01 > swpdmclient > Right Click ‘setup.exe’ > Run as Administrator.

In a matter of minutes, PDM will be installed on your client machine, and you will be prompted to select a few settings such as Destination Folder, PDM Installation type, Product type, SOLIDWORKS PDM Client product type and Add-Ins. Once the installation is complete, you’re ready to start using SOLIDWORKS PDM and organizing your design data files.

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