Increased Skill Set With 3D CAD Training

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TriMech is fortunate to work with clients from Maine to Florida and out to Arkansas, offering a range of engineering solutions. This week’s client story showcases how SOLIDWORKS Essentials training sharpened our client’s skill set. 

Identifying the Need for SOLIDWORKS Training

One of our clients had recently hired a new employee, fresh out of engineering school. He had taken a couple of SOLIDWORKS courses during his time at school and was ready to dive right in. Shortly upon starting work, it was quickly discovered that while he knew how to navigate some of the SOLIDWORKS work-spaces, his design habits and methods were not efficient and sometimes led to issues with updates downstream.

After a couple of calls with our support team, we discovered starting with a good foundation of the skills in our SOLIDWORKS Essentials class would resolve a lot of his questions. By understanding the fundamentals of how SOLIDWORKS generates parts and the interaction between parts within an assembly, he was able to start producing robust designs that matched the rest of the production team and lent themselves to downstream customization and most importantly, was now in line with the company’s best practices.

Icon_Training Infographic>> Take a deeper look into TriMech’s training offerings by downloading our Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printer Training

Taking Advantage of TriMech’s Essentials Course

When designing parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS, a good set of fundamental skills can go a long way in making sure your design is clear, functional and easy to convey. Understanding design intent, the ability to understand how and why models act and react, and properly applying those skills can save you time, headaches and money.

Whether you are looking to further sharpen your existing skill set in SOLIDWORKS or are brand new to the world of 3D CAD, we have the right program to get you the real-world skills you need to increase your productivity.

It’s never to late to further your skill set! Sign up for a SOLIDWORKS Training course today!