IMTS Show Highlights: Infinite Build 3D Demonstratorr

By Tricia Klebe on

In part 1 of our two-part International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) blog, we explored the Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator introduced at last year’s event. But the multi-axis additive manufacturing robot wasn’t the only technology that took crowds by storm. In part 2 of our blog series, we dive into the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator and what this system has to offer the manufacturing technology industry.>> Read Part 1 IMTS: Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator

What is the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator?

The Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator is a 3D printer that uses FDM technology to take manufacturing solutions to the next level. The Infinite Build Stratasys 3D Demonstrator introduces a new type of extruder to the market, extruding thermoplastics at 10x the rate of current Fortus technology.

What technology is involved?

Jim Orrock, Stratasys’ Vice President and Product Leader, explains how the technology used in the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator increases speed, accuracy and repeat ability while decreasing variability. These results prove highly competitive among other 3D printers on the market.

Screw Extrusion

Screw ExtrusionThe Infinite Build extrudes thermoplastics using screw extrusion. Different pellet sizes depend on length and diameter of the screw. Because of this new approach, the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator offers a greater range of fill density than other systems, from thick to sparse. Likewise, by switching out the tips, the printer can accomplish a variety of layer thicknesses.

Open-Ended Build Size

One of the biggest game changers is that the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator has an open-ended build tray, so the part is unconstrained in length. As you can imagine, this offers extreme advantages in manufacturing because it doesn’t limit length of parts.

Advanced User Interface

User InterfaceUnlike many traditional 3D printers, the Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator has extensive viewing capabilities on its User Interface. Not only are there multiple cameras on the sides and corners of the build planes, but it also captures both optical and infrared images. The IR cameras integrated into the system allow thermal data to be collected

Extrusion Gantry and Automated Tool Changer

The structure supporting the printer head, also known as the gantry, has great speed, acceleration and motion control, speeding up time to print. Plus, the system requires less man power with its automated tool changer. Unlike the conventional process to change materials or extruders, the Infinite Build 3D Printer has four tool changers. This is especially helpful for multi-material printing because it detects when an extruder is low and replaces without timely delays in the print.

Stratasys is constantly coming out with new technology that offers competitive engineering solutions. Learn more about their PolyJet and FDM 3D printing technologies and request a quote today!