Importing Legacy Drawings for Customized Title Blocks

By Laura Weismantel on

SOLIDWORKS provides us with so many ways to customize the interface, models and drawings to match anyone’s design needs. Given the important role drawings play as a demonstration of product, it is important for clients to have their title blocks and borders set up just right. In a previous article, we discussed these sheet formats and how to edit the ones included with your SOLIDWORKS installation. Another way to streamline this process is to import a title block from a DXF or DWG file, allowing you to leverage your legacy data and create a consistent and continuous look to your drawings.

Importing Title Blocks

In order to do this, simply go to File > Open as if you are opening any SOLIDWORKS part file. Browse to the appropriate DXF/DWG file, and open it. You will be prompted with some options, since SOLIDWORKS recognizes that you are attempting to open a two-dimensional file in a three-dimensional environment. 

Step 1:

First choose to create a new SOLIDWORKS drawing and convert to SOLIDWORKS entities. Then hit next. 

DXF/DWG Import

Step 2:

In the upper left corner of the next window, choose to show “layers selected for sheet format”, and then check off all layers that contain entities you would want as part of your border and title block in your new sheet format. Remember, you can always edit and delete some entities after the fact. When you are done, choose next. 

Drawing Layer Mapping

Step 3:

The third page allows you to set your units and paper size, as well as choose where the title block will be located on the sheet. You should choose for it to be centered. Now when you click “Finish”, SOLIDWORKS opens up a drawing file with your old title block as the sheet format. 

DXF/DWG Import - Document Settings

You can edit this sheet format and save it as a standard one as outlined here

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