How To Use The SOLIDWORKS PDM Log File

By Catherine Smith on

SOLIDWORKS PDM offers the best way for you to get control of your data, with a secure file vault ensuring that the right person has the right file at the right time. In this Video Tech Tip, PDM Support Engineer Catherine Smith walks you through two methods on how to access the log file and even how to export it to help make working with TriMech Support easier. 


The backbone of this system is the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault. However, all the complexities of this ecosystem are kept transparent to the user, hidden beneath a layer of familiarity by the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane or Windows Explorer. Accessing your vault through something as familiar as Windows Explorer or directly inside of SOLIDWORKS with the task pane makes learning and using SOLIDWORKS PDM a breeze. 

But as an admin or power user, wanting to get a snapshot of the vault is something you might want to do. The PDM Log file lets you see SOLIDWORKS PDM events by local clients. It reports the activities such as logins, vault connection attempts and database accesses. It can be a useful tool in helping troubleshoot any issues you might have with SOLIDWORKS PDM. 

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