How to Use the Scale Command in SOLIDWORKS

By Chang Lee on

SOLIDWORKS has hundreds of tools and there are many ways in which they can be used. Even as an expert SOLIDWORKS user, we only use a few dozen tools to get our jobs done. We stay in our SOLIDWORKS lane and focus on getting our designs done. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we share with you a very underutilized tool, the Scale command.

The Scale command allows the increase or decrease in geometry body size. For example, a scale factor of two would mean double the dimensions. It will scale the model using the three global coordinates x, y and z.

Scale command in SOLIDWORKS

It’s a pretty straightforward command, meaning what you see is what you get. But here are the options specific to the Scale command:

  • Body selection: Unless you had more than one body (surface, solid, graphic), the command won’t ask you for a selection.
  • Configuration selection: Unless you had more than one configuration, the command won’t ask you for a selection.
  • Scale about: You have the option to set what reference the model will scale about with one of three options. The origin, centroid or a custom coordinate system.
  • Scale: You can scale the body uniformly or independently along the x, y, z.

If you just keep your head down and stay in your metaphorical SOLIDWORKS lane, you’ll find yourself continuing to use the same tools over and over again. This is fine. It’s what I personally do.

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