How to use new technology as an employee retention strategy

By Elle Smith on

In recent times, there has been an emphasis on purpose in the workplace. Employees are quitting their jobs in greater quantities in hopes of moving into new roles that are more fulfilling. The Great Resignation has affected typical daily businesses, and Engineering and Manufacturing companies were not immune; also facing this mass exit from the job market. In order to combat these mass exits of employees, one way to retain top talent is to stay current on leading-edge technologies. Four ways to do this include:

  • Real-Time Collaborative Tools
  • Client-Focused Design Tools
  • Product Data Management Tools
  • Digital Testing Tools

Real-Time Collaborative Tools

In the age of technology, video conferencing and online data management tools allow for quick and direct communication. Video conferencing is now the way we can communicate in a safe way with people from all over the world. Information can be shared instantaneously and produce real-time communication. Efficiency is created in limiting travel and focusing on quickly planned meetings to discuss projects fast.

Furthermore, online data management tools store and share design information from a central location. This focused source makes information accessible in multiple locations. These changes and updates provided from a single source occur instantaneously and accurately. Rather than meeting in-person both video conferencing and online data management tools provide community space online so that teamwork can be shared quickly and innovatively.

Client-Focused Design

Clients want their products customized. Again, video technology can help with this. We now have configuration tools, like DriveWorks, which allow for common designs to be automated within the configuration system. This allows companies to free up their engineering staff so that they can work on specific unique customizations, which are often significantly more profitable than standard products.

DriveWorks Software 

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Data Management Tools

Managing data is important for a company to find patterns, keep consistent in success, and track future initiatives. Though it may be that no engineer loves data management, it is true that all engineers understand it’s usefulness. With so many configurations of products floating around, a tool must be used to keep this information straight. Data management systems allow for engineers to check in and out work from a secure location, while also making sure all common parts are updated. Data management is further essential when many internal and external teams are collaborating. These data shared points are crucial for efficiency in keeping data safe to again find patterns, keep consistent in success, and track future initiatives.

CAD data management
CAD data management

Digital Testing Tools

Like the importance of managing data, it is also important that the data and information being reported is correct. Data testing tools like Simulation and Analysis allows companies to be confident in their products. The last thing a company wants to hear is that there is a warranty issue. At the same time, products need to be quick to market. Companies with digital testing ensure that their products have quality from the beginning stages and bring the product to market faster than competitors. In utilizing digital testing, Finite Element Analysis and Fluid Flow Analysis tools have become much less expensive and much easier to use. Engineers can create models, test them, and then modify them in hours rather than days or weeks to be ahead of the curve with quality products.

In this market, there is no guarantee that companies can keep their workers. One way to enhance your chances of retention, is to supply tools that make it easier for employees to do their jobs. Engineers want to design great products, by creating environments with leading-edge technologies, this allows them the best chance to do so. Progressive and innovative environments give productive engineering and manufacturing companies a leg-up on competitors in the movement to retain top engineers.

retaining employees

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