How to Remotely Send and Start Prints on Your Stratasys FDM Series Machine

By Alex Pestana on

Many times, when nearing the end of a workday you may find yourself having to stay late to start a new build on your machine. Or you may be working from home and must travel to the office just to send a print job over. If only there was a way to set the machine and have it print immediately once you send a job to it. With Stratasys FDM machines, you can do just that!

What is Standby Mode?

The Standby Mode is a state in which to put your FDM machine to get it ready for the next print job that you send to it. This will lock the door and stabilize the temperature in the printer. That way, once a job is sent to the machine, it can go straight to printing. This gives you the ability to send jobs from anywhere and not have to physically go to the machine to start it.

How Do I Set My Machine into Standby Mode?

Setting your machine into standby mode is very easy. First, you must make sure that your machine is connected to the internet and have GrabCAD Print server installed on a computer on the same network. Next, you will go to the Settings menu on the printer and select Wait for part (make sure you have a tray installed!). This will lock the door and the printer will show that it is waiting for a part. Then, you can go into GrabCAD Print and set your part up as you normally would. Once you press the print button, your job will be transferred to the printer and the print will be begin immediately. Once your print finishes, GrabCAD will notify you by email or through a push notification if you have the mobile app installed, so you can head over to the machine to get your parts.

Watch our video below to see how to use this feature in your FDM machines.


Thanks to this option, you can print easily print your jobs remotely!

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