How to Recognize When it is Time to Hire a Staffing Agency

By Riley Rudd on

Hiring for technical positions is often a difficult process. Technical candidates are in high demand and many companies struggle to identify candidates that are not just capable of the job responsibilities but are also suitable to the company culture. Technical staffing firms can provide both full time and contract employees, sourcing top talent from all over the world. Some companies find that staffing services are an essential component of their company’s hiring process, while others may only outsource recruiting efforts when certain situations arise. Understanding how to identify a situation in which staffing services are the best option is key to achieving business goals. This article breaks down three scenarios in which utilizing a staffing firm often produces the best result.

Saving Time and Money

Staffing agencies have access to talented and trusted professionals through years of networking and developing relationships with top talent in technical fields. These deep talent networks can drastically reduce time-to-fill cycles, saving both time and money throughout the hiring process. In situations where prolonging the hiring process is especially costly, or an internal candidate search has gone on a bit too long, contacting a technical staffing firm may be best.

Working with a staffing firm also extends your company’s resources to the high-quality subscriptions and software that are used by the staffing firm. These resources, along with the expertise and talent network brought by the recruiters, fill positions quicker and at a lower cost.

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Finding Specialized Skillsets

The benefit in working with a technical staffing agency, rather than a general one, is that these recruiters will be experts at finding candidates with niche, hard-to-find talent and skillsets. They see hundreds of technical resumes daily and are always up to date with hiring trends in technical industries. In a case where the company is unsure of what skillsets would best fit their needs, technical staffing firms also add a layer of security by first getting to know your company and the position to be filled, and then using those parameters to screen candidates before passing them along.

Facilitating Growth

Often during rapid growth, companies find themselves needing a surplus of skilled candidates. Rushing the process increases the risk of hiring inadequate candidates; however, staffing services can help your company avoid these problems by designing a multi-faceted solution, relying on their developed network of candidates as well as the potential to hire contract employees to meet short term need. Staffing firms have helped companies through endless scenarios, with each needing a unique solution. When working with a staffing firm, you are leveraging the valuable years of experience that goes into each decision made to find qualified candidates and solutions for your company.

Working with a staffing firm brings unique benefits to the hiring process. Whether your company is looking to fill direct hire, contract, or contract-to-hire positions, a staffing service can help to reduce both time and cost. TriMech’s Staffing team brings years of expertise in both designing and executing a hiring solution for your company.