How to Number Wires Based on Page Number in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

By Tim Pulaski on

Time for the question everyone has been asking — how to number wires based on page number in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Watch this Video Tech Tip for the answer.

When numbering wires inside SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the software will usually give a flat integer value, counting up from one. But another way people commonly like to number wires is by page number. For example if a wire is on page six, it may make more sense to count up from 600 to help identify where that wire can be found.

To modify the way the system is numbering wires, right click on a given wire to activate its wire style. This will open a dialogue box where you can update wire properties such as the equipotential formula or wire formula. Which formula you choose to modify depends on how you are numbering your wires.

For example, in this video I modify the equipotential formula by adding the file tag to the beginning of the list. Then I change the equipotential counter to count on two characters opposed to one. Being as user-friendly as it is, SOLIDWORKS introduces necessary formatting to get the right final result. Plus, you can also test the formula to make sure it is operating correctly.

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