How to Market Yourself in a Job Interview

By Angie Droz on

How to Market yourself suit.pngA job interview is the optimal time to bring your resume to life, market yourself to a potential employer, and demonstrate how much value you can bring to their company. In this post, we’ll share some tips with you on ways to successfully market yourself during an interview.

1. Positivity

Be positive during your interview! This is not the time to complain about one of your former employers. If you left a previous position because you were having problems with your manager, an interview is not the time and place to share that information. Instead, you might say that you’re looking for a more challenging position or the chance to gain a new set of skills.

2. Your “Brand”

A company’s brand is a way of expressing their purpose, values, and mission. Know what your personal brand is and what drives you because the clarity that comes from this knowledge signifies to potential employers that you know yourself and that you’re passionate. It also allows both you and your potential employer to determine whether or not the job aligns with you and your strengths.

3. Do Your Research

Before walking into your interview, research the company! This will enable you to ask informed questions, but speaking intelligently about the company indicates to your interviewer that you understand the company and how you would be able to bring value.

4. Body Language

Your body language is just as important as what you’re saying. Presenting positive, friendly vibes increases your likability. Be confident and make eye contact. Everybody gets nervous before and during an interview, but don’t forget to smile!

If you find that you need help developing your personal brand or researching the company that you’re interviewing with, contact a recruiter at TriMech Services! We’d love to help you prepare to be successful in your next job interview.