How to Maintain a Stratasys Objet 3D Printer

By Ron Militante on

A clean 3D printer is a healthy 3D printer. To obtain the greatest accuracy and increase the longevity of your machines, it is important to keep them running smoothly. In this blog, we break down how to maintain a Stratasys Objet 3D Printer.

Maintaining a Stratasys Objet 3D Printer:

Keeping a healthy PolyJet machine is a matter of routine. While every 3D printer’s maintenance regimen is slightly different, there are some general upkeep tips that apply across the board such as keeping your machine lubricated, replacing necessary parts, updating firmware and (you guessed it) cleaning them. For example, maintaining a Stratasys Objet24 or Objet30 printer starts with cleaning the build tray, glass cover, print heads, UV lamp and wipers. Here’s how:

Cleaning the Build Tray

Maintaining Objet 3D Printer Img 1.pngA Stratasys Objet 3D Printer’s build tray should be cleaned after each print job. After completing and removing the print job, some residue may remain on the tray and surrounding areas. To keep from further buildup, scrape the print tray clean with a Stratasys supplied xacto blade, and then wipe with isopropyl alcohol. Clean the surrounding areas with water only. We find a vacuum to be helpful for hard-to-clean areas around the guide rails.

Cleaning the Top Glass Cover

Maintaining Objet 3D Printer Img 2.pngThe top glass cover is another part on PolyJet printers that should be cleaned periodically. To do so, wipe the glass clean with a soft cloth and water only. Be sure to clean both the underside and the top of the glass. While the glass cover doesn’t need to be cleaned as frequently as the build tray, it’s important to always have visibility of the models being printed. 

Cleaning the Print Heads

Maintaining Objet 3D Printer Img 3.pngLike the build tray, the print heads should be cleaned after every print job. The Clean Heads Wizard will walk you through the steps to properly clean both heads. You’ll be instructed to remove resin and debris from around and between the heads in order to prevent the print nozzles from clogging and stalling your print.

Cleaning the UV Lamp

The UV lamp filter should be cleaned regularly. This can be checked when you go through the Clean Heads Wizard. Use a 3M sponge as a Cleaning Pad for the UV Glass. This is included with the PM Kit. If the UV Glass is not cleaned periodically, the intensity of the UV light may be lower than required impacting your final product.

Cleaning the Wiper

Maintaining Objet 3D Printer Img 5.pngThe wiper is particularly important to clean because it will increase the performance of the print head nozzles and speed up your time to print. The Clean Wiper Wizard will direct you on how to properly clean the wiper and prevent resin build up on the print heads. Isopropyl is used as the cleaner. 

Cleaning the Print Stand

A clean overall appearance provides a healthy outlook and is a good habit to have. To clean the external panels, covers and print stand, use a mild detergent. 

Overall, the number one goal of cleaning your 3D printer is to protect your investment. If you need additional help with any other preventative maintenance for your Objet 3D Printer, please reach out to our TriMech Tech Support.

Need a reminder to stay up-to-date on your printer maintenance? Download our PolyJet 3D  Printer Maintenance Checklist!