How to Hire the Best Engineers

By Angie Droz on

Hiring is not always a straightforward process, especially when it comes to filling engineering positions (we know from experience). Learning how to hire the best engineers can make all the difference in successfully completing a project or building a strong in-house team. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you hire the best engineering team for your company.

Don’t overemphasize degrees.

While an engineering degree from MIT is extremely impressive, it is not a direct indicator of a candidate’s ability to fulfill your company’s needs. Great engineers have a variety of different backgrounds, and the best engineers don’t necessarily obtain their skills during schooling. Bryan Smith, CTO of CyberGRX, says that most of the knowledge he looks for in engineers is not gained while obtaining their degrees, but “rather they come out of experience and learning from past mistakes.” Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the best engineers by over-weighting an impressive degree.

The interview process and talking about past projects isn’t always the most valuable.

Relying on the interview process and discussing a candidate’s past projects is helpful in determining which engineers are the best talkers, not doers. Discussing past projects is an important part of the hiring process, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Build a brand that attracts top talent.

Inbound hiring is becoming more and more crucial in attaining top talent. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter attract the best technical talent because they have built strong brands and job seekers are drawn to them. Create a brand that engineers want to work for!

Look for competencies.

Instead of looking for basic skills and using standard job descriptions, look deeper into candidates’ abilities to perform the job. For example, instead of looking for a candidate who has “3 years of experience”, look for those who are “able to learn quickly and solve problems”. Tailor your job descriptions to focus on competency and ability to perform, rather than basic relevant knowledge.

Don’t confuse great talent for a great fit.

Lastly, just because a candidate has great qualifications and skills does not mean they will be a great fit for your company. It can be difficult to turn down a highly qualified candidate, but you shouldn’t risk other members of your team leaving due to a bad hire. Make sure that the engineer you hire fits in with your company’s culture and goals.


Hiring an engineer is a time consuming process. Utilizing a specialized staffing agency can help streamline this process and take the pressure off. TriMech Services can equip you with the best engineers for your company or project, just contact us to learn more.