How to Define Title Block Attributes in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

By Tim Pulaski on

In a previous Video Tech Tip, I walked through how to import title blocks and save them as configurations for future project templates. This time, I will take it one step further and explain how to define title block attributes in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

After importing a title block into SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the next step is adding attributes to define the position of certain items on your block. Unlike static text which has to be entered every time, attributes come from different areas of the software as defined by project properties, book properties, folder properties, drawing properties, location properties and function properties under the Attributes list, and they are automatically pulled into your project. These can be found in the Attributes list organized by name and description. 

For example, if you add a #Project_Tag like in the video, you can define how it is justified, the size, etc. To update your project after making changes to your block, right click on a drawing and select Title Block > Update. This will make the drawing pull and display the properties you are interested in seeing on the drawing. You can make updates to these properties, and it will automatically update your block. These steps are the same for updating general properties and customer information as well.

Watch the video for a more thorough explaination of the other folders in the Attributes list. Hopefully, this will help you define your own title blocks and set them up the way you want.

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