How to Define Rows and Columns in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

By Tim Pulaski on

One of the many great features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical is its ability to automatically capture and keep track of cross-references of associated symbols. In order for this functionality to work properly though, you need to define rows and columns inside your title block. Watch how in this video.

To demonstrate how to set up rows and columns in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, I open a newly imported title block that has not yet been defined. The current rows and columns are just plain text, which are fine for display purposes, but in order to get the cross-references to work correctly, it is necessary to define rows and columns.

To do this, click on the background, and in the Title Block Properties panel to the right, put a check mark to indicate whether or not you are using rows and columns. In this same menu, you can also define the mark of first row, first row position, height of a row, number of rows and row numbering. Likewise, columns have similar options.

After locking in changes, I like to blow the static numbers away from all the columns and rows and replace them with attributes instead. To get these in, just insert #ROW and #COL from the Miscellaneous folder in your Title Block Attributes list. You can even use an array to make this process quicker and more exact. After putting this in action, we see that it reports the correct numbers. For here, you can also update things like tags from numbers to letters or vise-versa depending on your use.

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