How to create a BOM in 3DEXPERIENCE xDrawing

By Lynette Proch on

In this video we will cover how to create a Bill of Material in the xDrawing app on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. I need to create a bill of material that includes an item numbered list of all the different parts that I have inside of my assembly.

In xDrawing, it is a little different than other CAD programs where a lot of the definition are created in the 3D views. We are doing model-based definition here and we will create views and annotation sets, and we can import these sets into a 2D view if needed.

In this demonstration, I have already created a few views. I have a front view, a right and an isometric view. If I choose my front view, you can see in the image below that I can easily added some ballooned annotations using the Balloon Tool.

Front View created in xDrawings

Now if I want to create a BOM in 2D space, I will navigate to Create Sheet at the bottom of my screen. My xDrawing app will create a new sheet with a few customizable options where I can change the Sheet Name, select the format, and choose the layout before saving.

Now that I have a 2D sheet, I can go in and drag and drop my front view from the feature tree directly into the view. Because I have the annotation set attached to that view, the balloons are included.

Drag and Drop front view from feature tree into the view

To create a Bill of Material, I will navigate to the Annotations tab and select the Bill of Materials in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and click the green check mark to insert the BOM.

To edit this BOM, double-click, or right-click, and you can easily edit the different columns as needed. In edit mode, I can modify the column attribute type or delete the column entirely.

BOM in xdrawing

Creating BOMs in xDrawing app is easy. Now that I have this saved, I can export and get this to the people that need it.