How to Correct a Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

By Nick Tsakiris on

Are you trying to install SOLIDWORKS but keep running into blocked installation files? In this blog, we touch on the problem you are likely facing and the steps to resolve it.

Challenge to Overcome

solidworks not installingIt’s common for SOLIDWORKS customers to request installation files from their VAR if they do not have access to either A) their portal account or B) an installation media ‘DVD’. However, the files VARs send are generally zip folders that are encrypted when shared. For example, cloud services such as Hightail and ShareFile will encrypt files.

The purpose of this encryption is to protect the file and its contents from becoming stripped. Firewalls, antivirus settings and network connections that are heavily used will strip files or folders of their contents. This can lead to unwanted challenges such as running into a blank SOLIDWORKS installation manager.

Steps to Unblock Installation Files

Luckily, correcting the blank installation manager is an easy fix. Follow these steps to unblock the installation files and experience a seamless installation of SOLIDWORKS. 

How to Correct Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation ManagerStep 1: Close the blank installation manager. You will then need to delete the extracted files that you extracted from the zip folder, NOTE: Do not delete the original zip folder.

Step 2: Right click on the zip folder, then select ‘Properties’. 

Step 3: After selecting ‘Properties’ select ‘Unblock’, ‘Apply’ then select ‘Ok’. This will unblock the zip folder.

How to Correct Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Step 4: Right click on the zip folder again, choose to ‘Extract All’.

How to Correct Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Step 5: Once the installation files have been extracted, open the folder to access the SOLIDWORKS Setup.exe (red cube). The exe may need to be unblocked as well.

solidworks setup exe

Step 6: Repeat steps two and three to unblock the ‘Setup.exe’. NOTE: If the ‘Setup.exe’ does not have the option to be ‘Unblocked’, select ‘Ok’

How to Correct Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Step 7: Right click on the ‘Setup.exe’ again, choose to ‘Run as administrator’. If the option to run as an ‘Administrator’ is not available, double click and launch the exe.

How to Correct Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Step 8: The installation manager will now appear with the installation options available. You will now be able to install SOLIDWORKS with the required source files.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Download the complete guide for more detailed instructions, so you can successfully be greeted with the “Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager” message instead of a blank screen.