How to Change the Default Root Mark in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

By Tim Pulaski on

If you’ve ever tried inserting a component into SOLIDWORKS Electrical, let’s say a three-pole circuit breaker, then you’ve noticed that the software automatically assigns a root mark. But what if we wanted that assigned value to be different? In this Video Tech Tip, we take a look at three different ways to change the Default Root Mark.

One way to change the Default Root Mark in SOLIDWORKS Electrical is at the global level. To do this, click Component Classification in the Library Tab. Here, you can see how components such as push buttons, switches or circuit breakers are broken down, and you can tag them with different Root Values.

Not looking to change all component tags? You can also change the Default Root Mark on a symbol-by-symbol basis. This second way that I walk through is configured based on the properties of a specific symbol. Again, to access this, go to the Library Tab and select Symbols Manager. Here, you can filter by component, name and key in values per symbol.

Lastly, you can assign values directly to the manufacturer part itself and add components to the project by manufacturer part number. Just right click on Location, select New and browse for the manufactured part you want to apply to the project. This is the least used method and often only used if pre-loading your project with reserved tags.

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