How to Auto-Scale Sketch Pictures in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

In your SOLIDWORKS designs, you can take advantage of pictures by inserting them into a sketch that can help you create your designs. But that’s nothing new. This functionality has been in SOLIDWORKS for many years. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you how to take advantage of the scale tool to accurately size the picture so that it is more useful as a design aid.


Sketch Picture option in SOLIDWORKSThe scale tool was introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2014. It became the key to making pictures useful design aids. It is incredibly simple and straightforward to use. When you insert an image, the scale tool automatically displays. It works just like a construction line, only with added superpowers. Just position the endpoints at a known distance and key in the value. The sketch picture will then scale based on this line.

Line for scaling pictures in SOLIDWORKS

This will always appear once you insert a sketch picture. If you choose not to use this functionality, uncheck the box in the sketch picture tool to disable the scale tool. Hopefully, next time you need to use a sketch picture to help in your design, you’ll consider leveraging this tool. It truly does turn sketch pictures into extremely useful design aids.

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