WFH? How To Access a SOLIDWORKS License (Network and Standalone)

By Alaa Hosn on

Sometimes users may need to work from outside of the office for several reasons. Whether you have a network or standalone license, SOLIDWORKS makes it easy for users to access their licenses outside of work if needed. Let us look at how to access both types of licenses from outside of the office:

Accessing a network license from home:

A network license allows for users to share a pool of licenses while inside the network, but what happens when a user needs to work outside of the established network? SOLIDWORKS allows users to quickly borrow a license for any available products for up to 30 days using the SolidNetWork License Manager. Users need to make sure to borrow the license before taking the machine outside of the network. For users who cannot borrow a license, they can still access the network through a VPN if IT has one set up (Note: borrowing a license over VPN is never recommended).

To borrow a license while in the network using the SolidNetWork License Manager:

  1. Close any active sessions of SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Open ‘SolidNetWorkLicense Manager Client 20XX’ by searching the Windows Start menu.SOLIDWORKS License Manager Client
  3. In the ‘License Borrowing’ tab highlight the desired products and choose a Borrow until date. Select Borrow when completed. SOLIDWORKS Manager Window
  4. Make sure that the borrowed product shows in the Borrowed product licenses field. Disconnect from the network and test that you can access the application and/or add-in. If there are any problems accessing the license you will not want to find out at home when it is too late!

Accessing a standalone SOLIDWORKS license from home:

When a standalone license is activated on a machine, the license is tied to this one computer rather than floating like a network seat of SOLIDWORKS. If a standalone license is not activated on a laptop that can easily be taken home, then the license will need to be deactivated before being transferred to another machine. If using 2020 SP2 or later, users can deactivate by using the question mark in the top right corner and selecting Licenses > Deactivate.


Earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS have the option to deactivate license listed under the Help menu.

SW Deactivate

After the SOLIDWORKS license has been deactivated on the work machine, the user is ready to complete the license transfer. Launching SOLIDWORKS on your home machine should take you through the activation process to finish the transfer.