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You are ready to learn SOLIDWORKS. Where do you start? Whether you are a beginner or self-taught, the best place to start is with training courses. Training is an invaluable investment, but we understand that there are alternative ways of getting more knowledge about SOLIDWORKS for free. We are here to help. 


Webinars are a great way to learn about a specific topic. On average, our webinars last about 30 minutes. We have two options for webinars:

  • Live Webinars– These are scheduled events where you can interact with the presenter and get questions answered. If you were unable to attend our live webinars, don’t worry! We will send a recording. 
  • On-Demand Webinars– When you have time and want to learn more about a topic, these on-demand webinars are a great resource. 


Videos make learning something new so much easier. We have a large catalog of videos to help with specific questions and learn the latest tips & tricks. 

  • Video Tech Tips– These videos range from 1-5 minutes and are emailed out weekly. This is a great way to learn new things, fast!
  • Video Library– Over the years, we have created videos to help others with 3D CAD and printing. This channel is compiled of How To’s, case studies and tips. 
  • Video Series– These videos are created by our team of Application Engineers. Each series will explore different aspects about the software. 


We host events every month that can aide in Learn-About-SOLIDWORKS-Toolsextending your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS. The Intro into SOLIDWORKS event is hosted regularly in various locations. This is a great way to get started and network with people to learn from in your area. These events are free.

User Group Meetings

SOLIDWORKS has become so successful by having a community of users that can share tips and ideas. These user group meetings happen in different locations. When you attend, you will learn from experienced users and Application Engineers. 


Our team is publishing multiple blogs per week written by our Application Engineers. These blogs cover various topics and questions we hear from SOLIDWORKS users. These topics range from material comparisons to software updates. When you have a question, there’s a blog for that. 

Infographics & Guides

Infographic_SOLIDWORKS_Hotkeys_2019These quick resources provide information that is useful to every level including keyboard shortcuts, tutorials and buyer’s guides. This area also includes our whitepapers, so you can make sure to know all the details on materials and other relevant topics across different industries. Infographics & Guides are the ideal way to get a quick intro into something new. 

These tools are great when you know enough to use the software on your own, but would like to be able to do one specific task. However, to fully understand the software and be able to utilize it to it’s full potential, you will need training. Our training courses are designed to meet you at your level and develop a strong skill set. We also offer courses to help you earn a SOLIDWORKS certification.

Download our guide, Intro to SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing, to learn more about training options. 

CTA_Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printer Training