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As a TriMech Application Engineer (AE), I have the unique opportunity to visit clients far and wide. Each of these visits is different, and they range from client seminars to a quick review of the products that our clients already have. This doesn’t just ensure our clients have the knowledge they need to use their hardware and software, but also gives them access to all the support and services we provide to help them make the most out of their investment. In this article, I review some of these services and how we help our current and new clients achieve their project and business goals in ways you might not expect.

TriMech Staffing Services

Quality Engineer TalentMost of my visits revolve around SOLIDWORKS, but I also get to see our clients’ plants and the workflow of their engineering processes. There are always keywords to listen for and questions to write down. One recent example is meeting with a client who expressed a need for a new Electrical Engineer. Fortunately, TriMech offers professional staffing services, so I immediately referred them to our dedicated staffing team. Finding the right person for a role can be complex, especially within our industry, so I could understand their frustration. Our staffing experts have years of experience placing new talent in different companies, and they understand how time-sensitive fulfilling these roles is, so they act promptly.

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TriMech Project Engineering Group

TriMech Project Engineering GroupThere have been a few times when I have visited clients who may need SOLIDWORKS tools for specific projects, such as SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to run internal and/or external studies every day, in which case the solution is straightforward. However, there are a few customers who may have to use CFD to validate a design only a few times in a year. In these specific cases that occur infrequently, owning a simulation, owning a simulation package and training someone to use it may not be the most cost-effective option. One possible solution is leveraging TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) as a turn-key technical solution. Our engineers in PEG can tackle projects such as CFD/FEM simulations on parts or assemblies, 3D print prototypes or even 3D scan parts. In this case, our customer found it a much better use of time and resources to use the PEG team to perform design validations once or twice a year as they needed it then to invest in the full software package, staff and training.

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TriMech Implementation Team

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CandidatesAs I have come to see quite often, working with thousands of CAD files can eventually lead to clutter. When there are multiple copies of parts and references that aren’t matching up anymore, keeping up with the latest file revision is usually the case where a product data management (PDM) tool is a must. SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium include a license of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. With PDM, you can have a vault to store all your CAD files, keep proper references, revision control, etc. However, PDM is a very literal program that will not work as intended if not properly implemented. TriMech’s Implementation team specializes in everything PDM. They can install PDM and set up your vault, migrate all your files and have everything up and running for admin and users. 

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TriMech’s Multiple Technical Support Options

In today’s busy day-to-day we understand how important it is for our clients to have access to technical support as quickly as possible. At TriMech, we offer different ways to contact our support engineers to give our clients the best care possible. Our team can aid by phone, email or even by live remote assistance. We are very proud of how quickly and accurately we solve engineering challenges for our clients every day.

If you are a subscribed customer and ever experience any issues with any of your products, our Technical Support team can assist you remotely. Our tech support team prides itself in ensuring that 85 percent of calls will be answered the first time, 85 percent of cases would be resolved to our client’s satisfaction in one day and 95% of all cases are resolved to a client’s satisfaction within five days.

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TriMech is geared to be our clients’ engineering partner. We strive to resolve our client’s software and hardware problems and ensure their business goals are met within our ability.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which TriMech can help you improve your business, please reach out to us!