Halloween Arts & Crafts with SOLIDWORKS Weldments Part 2

By Stephen Petrock on

Weldments in SOLIDWORKS offers a powerful way to design a structure based on easily drawn sketch segments. All it takes is an outline or skeleton sketch and from that, you can effortlessly piece your design together using structural members with predefined cross sections. But the real power of weldments is in the details and information that can be extracted from your model. One example of this is cut lists. A cut list is a BOM-like table for cut and welded structural shapes. This accurately calculates things like the length and quantity of members automatically based on the design.


In this Video Tech Tip, Application Engineer Chris Joren showcases how all the information captured by weldments can be used to convey your design clearly and concisely in a 2D drawing. In the video you’ll see how easily all the information can be displayed in tables and balloon callouts. You’ll also see the real power of weldments when the design changes. Instead of needing to manually update information like callouts or cultists, everything is automatically kept up-to-date with your geometry. Take a look at the video to see the real power of SOLIDWORKS weldments.