Griffin Technology

By Tricia Klebe on

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More and more industries are maximizing the benefits of 3D printing every day. With the help of in-house concept modeling, businesses can now design and manufacture products faster and more cost-efficiently. Learn how our client, Griffin Technology, uses Stratasys’ Connex line of printers to maximize ROI and make accessories for smartphone and mobile devices come to life.

But first, watch the video below for a brief background on Griffin Technology and their 3D printing needs.

Test Aesthetic and Functional Design

Concept modeling allows design and engineering firms, like Griffin Technology, to test multiple design ideas before mass developing their products. With so many variations in accessories, it’s beneficial for Griffin Technology to use 3D printing and CAD design software to sample materials, fine details, surface textures, lettering and other components before committing to a final look and feel.

In addition to testing aesthetics with CAD design software, FDM concept models can also undergo drilling, sanding and painting after being printed. This allows Griffin Technology to improve customization of their products and communicate designs to their prototyping team.

Aside from testing the visual design of products, the Stratasys Connex has helped Griffin Technology test the functional design of their cases, docks, cables, wearable accessories, stands, mounts and other merchandise for over five years. Small models like these only take a few hours to print on the FDM 3D printers, so Griffin Technology can test multiple versions and make sure they withstand the durability the brand promises. Having realistic models to test is important in ensuring ultra-tough, ultra-thin, ultraportable finished products.

Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency and ROI

Concept modeling and rapid prototyping also increases Griffin Technology’s manufacturing efficiency by eliminating errors before they are sent to development. Pairing CAD software with Stratasys 3D printers enables fast and frequent revisions to be made based on real-world testing. For example, this might catch a weatherproof or drop-test malfunction so that it can be corrected and perfected before production.

As a result of reducing costly errors and speeding up production time, this helps Griffin Technology maximize ROI. If used correctly, the cost of a Stratasys printer can easily be offset by higher production efficiency, especially if you are a long-term user like Griffin Technology.

With the help of Stratasys and concept modeling, your business can experience more efficient design and manufacturing too. Start printing realistic end-products today!