Getting to Know the Welcome Screen in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

Within the SOLIDWORKS 2019 updates, there’s a hub for everything you might want quick access to and it’s called the Welcome Screen. The Welcome Screen is a window that appears when you first launch SOLIDWORKS. From this interface, you have quick access to links, files, news and other useful items. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the Welcome Screen capabilities.

The Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen in SOLIDWORKS

The Welcome Screen offers quick access to 99% of the things a typical SOLIDWORKS user might want to do such as:

  • Start a new part
  • Open a file
  • Access recent files
  • Browse recent folders
  • Quick links to resources like the forums or What’s New

The Welcome Screen is an evolution of the recent file windows which was accessible by clicking the R-key as well as from the file drop-down menu. From here you could access recent files and even pin files to the list so they’re always accessible. The Welcome Screen has this and much more.


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