Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Simulation & Flow Simulation

By Emmy Wolfe on

There are many ways to validate your designs. However, to avoid over-engineering your parts and making costly design errors, SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools are some of the most reliable resources available.

Design Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation can predict product performance and behavior concurrent to the design, before you even build it. A wide range of physical scenarios can be predicted through this product, including: 

  • Structural Stresses and Strains
  • Motion
  • Fluid Dynamics & Thermal Simulations
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Multi-Physics 

Watch the video below for our full on-demand webinar, focusing on SOLIDWORKS Simulation, which looks at stresses and strains in solid bodies to see if it’s strong enough to hold loads as you designed them to. 

Below, you will find another full on-demand webinar. This one focuses on flow simulation, which is used to address any type of fluid flow or heat transfer issues in your design. 


SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides an array of benefits to help you go from conceptual design to manufacturing.

By being able to virtually test designs, you can produce more prototypes in a smaller time frame. With Simulation you don’t have to wait for quotes from the machine shop or for fabrication and you don’t have to run a long test. You can test on the screen in minutes or seconds, which allows you to run though many ideas before printing and running a final design. Cutting out all these things shortens production, which in the end means you’re getting your product out to the market faster. 

You can do virtual testing at the very minimum cost to you and your company as well. For starters, you don’t have to pay for shop hours or materials. Typically the cost for a simulation product is much cheaper than one prototype part being tested. It also allows you to avoid costly over-designs, which can save you money on materials for your final products as well. 

Finally, the ability to save time and money fuels innovation. Without having to worry about the resources new designs are costing the company, your designers and engineers have the freedom to test their creativity. They can be innovative and try new ideas they wouldn’t have the availability to try before. 

Interested in learning more about what SOLIDWORKS has to offer? Check out more of our SOLIDWORKS On-Demand Webinars.