Filling The Talent Pool

By Paul Dunn on

Your company is looking for top talent to fill an engineering role and the responsibility to find this superstar falls on your shoulders. You have engaged with various agencies, plastered the job boards with postings and tirelessly entered every possible Boolean search on employment sites. The higher-ups decided that this future top-performer must be a local candidate, but you feel that the talent pool in your area is seemingly dried up. The country is experiencing historically low unemployment rates and fewer candidates are available. What can you do?

Location, Location, Relocation

Off the bat, relocation is not a feasible option for every company. While you have had the mandate to keep your candidate search local, is this demand realistic? Clients will typically tell us things like:

  • Location, Location, RelocationWe have no direct competitors in our area.
  • Our product is unique, requiring a hard to find skill-set.
  • We are located in an area that presents challenges from either too many similar companies hiring or are in an isolated/low populace area which presents staffing hurdles.

Many companies we have worked with have been burned by relocation in the past. With out of area candidates, it can throw your interview process out of whack due to flying in a candidate or maybe doing a Skype interview to try and figure out if they are even a fit to bring them onboard.

To help mitigate cost, there is a simple solution. You can tie the relo-package into the duration of their first year of employment. If they leave your company through their own will during the first year, they will be required to pay a percentage back. While still a risk, it can help you get that perfect candidate who may be just outside your area.

Show Me The (Sign-On) Money

Similar to relocation, sign-on bonuses are another common solution to attracting out of area talent. You can offer a sum without the perks (moving expenses, helping sell a house, etc.) of a relocation package. You can alleviate some worries by requiring the employee to remain with your company for ‘X’ amount of months before waiving a percentage of repaying the bonus.

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You BuyContract-to-hire is another popular option. This allows you to try out a contractor and see how they perform, how they fit within your company culture and how they work in your environment. If they don’t work out, you haven’t given up much and if it’s a home run, you can convert them over to a full-time member of your team.

Bringing It Home

No matter what option you choose, it is important to remain flexible and vigilant in today’s job market. There is a greater dearth of quality candidates causing companies to be unable to fill roles in the same ways they have in the past. Whether these options work for you or if you need other methods to complete your dream team, having the right resources can bring it all together. Don’t get stuck in the same rut. Let TriMech know how we can help you find your All-Star talent.

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