Favorite 3DEXPERIENCE Features with Lynette

By Lynette Proch on

I am Lynette Proch, a Solutions Consultant at TriMech and I want to share with you some of my favorite features in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform: xDesign, xSheetMetal and xFrame.

xDesign App

Coming from the CAD world, I was a CAD designer for a long time and I’m very into 3D modeling. One of my favorite elements on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is xApps. xApps are the apps that we use to 3D model directly in our browser. The app that I’m currently in is called xDesign and it is great for all standard types of modeling. xDesign also has capabilities for assemblies. Not only can we model here, but we can also create assemblies. xDesign is great for CAD modeling and keeping your project efficiently moving forward.

Modeling in xDesign
Modeling in xDesign

Another favorite element about the platform being able to switch our modeling apps directly from the browser. By activating the Switch app, you can see all these different 3D modeling apps at your disposal.

switch app
Switch app


xSheetMetal is another one of my favorite apps. As a quick demo, I can decide what kind of sheet metal I need to use, what thickness, and the bend radius. And then I can reuse that sketch that I created in xDesign. I can use the different tools within xSheetMetal to make changes such as flanges, create different types of bends and flatten to see what the flat pattern is going to be. All these options are available in xSheetMetal. It’s a really useful tool for creating these types of features.

Adjusting the sheet metal parameters in Sheetmetal app
xSheetmetal app

xFrame App

So, now that I’m done with the xSheetMetal, I can switch my app to xFrame. xFrame is great for building different structure systems. Before, if I were to create members and want to use different solid modeling programs to create different types of beams, I would have to go in and create 3D sketches, and wherever I had a line, that’s where that beam would go. But now in xFrame, I can see the structure tab and I have the tools to create a customized structured system. I can create these structure systems with a lot less work. So, this is just a quick overview of how we can switch through different apps. We can go in and really make our model look however we need it to look quickly and efficiently.

xFrame App
xFrame App