Extract Part in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

By Sean Belleau on

When working with 3D models in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, there are many ways to control and modify parts. Working with parts can consist of using symmetry, controlling vectors and even using a special feature to split models and parts. In this blog, I want to talk about a particularly useful feature I discovered while playing inside SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional called “Extract Part”.

What is the Extract Part function?

As many users know, there are several ways to drop in a file that enables you to pick the individual faces you created inside of your modeling software. But what if you didn’t bring the file in that way and already started to manipulate it? The Extract Part tool is the trick you are looking for.

Extract Part

How to Split Models and Parts using the Extract Part feature:

First, set your Selection Tool to Part.

Extract Part

Once this is selected, right-click a part and then click Extract Part. This will prompt a Part Splitting dialog box to open. Once this dialog box appears, you are ready to split and extract individual surfaces from the part.

Extract Part

If you want to select more than one surface or face on the part, hold down your Control key (Ctrl) and select each additional surface. This will enable you to select more than one face at a time.

Extract Part

Once all adjustments are made, click Execute Split.  After executing your split, it will appear in your assembly inside of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. From here, you can edit the single or multiple face of your part. Happy splitting!

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