Export as Package in SOLIDWORKS When Connected to 3DEXPERIENCE

By Sarah Taylor on

In this video, I’m going to introduce the Export as Package functionality in SOLIDWORKS when connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Inside SOLIDWORKS, when you have an assembly open, navigate to your 3DEXPERIENCE tab on the right and then down to the Tools tab at the bottom. From here, you have a drop-down next to this button where you can see Export as Package and Import Package.

3DEXPERIENCE Export as Package

Exporting as a package file is going to save a single file containing all the assembly components needed to build this top-level assembly. That file can then be opened by someone that you’re collaborating with outside of the platform. The changes can be tracked, and they can send it back to you. It is going to display all of the files that are needed to build this assembly. And for each component, we can allow either read-only or edit access, so that when future collaborators who are outside of the platform opens this package, they either see an editable version or a read-only version. 

3DEXPERIENCE export as package all components
Change access for each the components

Choosing a File Destination

Next, you’re going to pick your destination for this file. First, make sure to give the file a name. There are two destinations that we are going to cover. If you select a folder on disk, you’re going to specify a place on your local disk, and it’s going to generate one single file there. This file can then be shared via email if it’s not too large or any other method for just sharing a simple file.

Saving to folder on disk
Saving to folder on disk

If you prefer to save to your 3DDrive, that’s where you can create a shareable link through the platform for an external collaborator. In my 3DDrive destination, I can pick a folder and I have one created for the purpose of sharing files externally. After the export is complete, I will head over to the platform inside of my 3DDrive app and navigate to the appropriate folder. As shown below, you can see my .sldpkg was saved here.

sldpkg in 3DDrive
.Sldpkg in 3DDrive

To share this with someone outside the platform, select the file, and click the share with external tab, turn on the activate external sharing link option and then click copy link. After I click that, it is saved to my clipboard, and I can paste it into an email or any other message that I want to share with the external collaborator.

Sharing 3DEXPERIENCE export package externally
Sharing 3DEXPERIENCE export package externally