Exploring the RapidSketch Command Tool

By John Hall on

When diving into the world of sketching, there are many SOLIDWORKS Sketch Entities that are under-utilized. This Video Tech Tip explores how to make the most of sketching entities like the SOLIDWORKS RapidSketch Command tool.

Generally, when sketching in a model, the first thing users do is create the geometry. Once you select the line, circle, arc or whatever other entity you choose, the next step is identifying the planar face or plane and creating the sketch, which can be a time consuming process.

This is where RapidSketch comes in handy. Because instead of creating a sketch each time, the RapidSketch command allows users to quickly create a full series of sketches on different surfaces inside a SOLIDWORKS model. By enabling RapidSketch, you can quickly choose the surface plane you want to work in, draw the geometry and easily sketch a series on different surface faces. The software creates independent sketches and sketch entities behind the scenes without you having to manually add new sketches each time.

This is just one of the many user-friendly applications that SOLIDWORKS offers. To see more features that will speed up your design process, view our SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions.