Everything About SOLIDWORKS Part Templates

By Stephen Petrock on

When creating a part in SOLIDWORKS you need to start from somewhere and templates give you a starting point for your design. This can be a blank canvas or one filled with broad brush strokes typically made up of things like unit systems and appearances. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you how to create part templates in SOLIDWORKS.

There are three steps to create a template for SOLIDWORKS parts:

  1. Define the settings of the template
  2. Save the file as a Part template (.prtdot)
  3. Point your SOLIDWORKS system options to this file location

Step 1 – Define the Settings

Part templates can capture all sorts of settings and even some model geometry. Think of this as a way to capture steps you do all the time. Typically, we see users set up their units and style settings as well as some basic reference geometry like a reference plane that’s always needed.

Step 2 – Save the File as a Part Template

Once all of the settings have been defined you need to save the file. When saving the file be sure to define it as a part template for the file type. This will create the file with a .prtdot file extension.

Part templates in SOLIDWORKSClick to enlarge

Step 3 – Point SOLIDWORKS to Your Template Files

The final step is to define the location of the templates in your SOLIDWORKS System settings. This is done through the system options and choosing the file locations. From the drop-down list choose “Document Templates” and then browse to the file location. Now you will have access to these templates as a starting point when you begin a new file.

Document template in SOLIDWORKSClick to enlarge

 Now you’re ready to create your part templates in SOLIDWORKS! 

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