Essential Phone Interview Preparation

By Riley Rudd on

Phone interviews are becoming increasingly common during the interview process. It may seem nice to not have the nervousness and sweaty palms that face-to-face interviews bring, but research has shown that about 55% of communication is completely nonverbal, so a phone call will inhibit the quality of communication you have with the recruiter. You won’t be able to present a professional image or positive body language that are key first impressions. This factor makes utilizing the interview preparation tips detailed in this blog critical to leave a good impression and get hired.

This article covers:

Do Your Research

Do Your ResearchCompany research should be the first step of interview preparation. Your research will allow you to answer interview questions better by aligning yourself with the company, ask the interviewer more meaningful questions and demonstrate a serious interest in the position. Topics you may want to research include: the company culture and values, recent company news, their offerings and their differentiators. You may also find valuable insights by researching the specific recruiter you’ll be speaking to. View the company website, blog, social media and news sources to gather this information. Create a “cheat sheet” using your findings to reference during your interview.

Confirm The Details

checklist-2077018_1280Confirming details not only prevents you from potentially missing the meeting due to miscommunication or spam filters, but also demonstrates professionalism and serious interest in the position. Confirm with the interviewer details such as the time and date of the call, who you’ll be speaking to and the number they will call from. It may also be a good idea to set up a professional voicemail in the case that you do miss the call.

Eliminate All Distractions

Phone InterviewDistractions during an interview will take away from your focus and may make you seem unprofessional. Do your best to find an isolated, quiet environment to interview in. Ask family members or roommates to be mindful of their volume levels and avoid entering your space during the call. If possible, use high-quality headphones to improve the sound quality and allow you to be hands-free to take notes. Make sure your device is charged and has a good internet connection where you plan to take the call.

Have Documents to Reference

Documents to Reference Online InterviewDue to the nature of a phone interview, you can have as many documents in front of you as you’d like to reference without the recruiter knowing. Gather your resume, the job description, your company research and a list of questions you wish to ask. Referencing these documents allows a more seamless conversation and will improve the quality of your answers.

Interviews of any kind present an opportunity to show your value to a potential employer. While phone interviews present different challenges, proper preparation will allow you to have a seamless and successful phone interview.

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