Enhancements to the Stratasys F900

By Emily Wolfe on

The Stratasys F900 already holds the title as the most proven and reliable manufacturing 3D printer. But it didn’t earn that without continuous improvements. Keep reading to learn about the advancements made to the Stratasys F900 (formally the Fortus 900) in order to uphold their most reliable 3D manufacturing system title. 

Stratasys F900 3D Printer Improvements

MTConnect Ready

  • F900 integrates with your digital factory settings
  • Utilize real-time process monitoring data 
  • Inter-connectivity to realize greater efficiencies and confidence in quality

Carbon Fiber-Filled Advanced Material

  • Builds strong parts using FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber
  • Unique stiffness and strength – used in place of metal structures
  • Decreases part weight

CTA_SSYS Case Study Genesis Systems GroupManufacturing Process Risk Reduction 

  • Lock CMB files to prevent tampering
  • Observe filament moisture to improve moisture resistance
  • Track dew-point 
  • Monitor production progress with built-in camera

>> Download our case study on Genesis’ use of FDM technology 

Customize Your F900 Solution!

AICS Upgrade

The F900 AICS (Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution) is a complete package of hardware, software and process-documentation to ensure the highest level of part-to-part repeatability for the first-of-its-kind solution. This solution is the basis for a National Institute of Aviation Research Qualification program and an SAE Specification. Using ULTEM 9085 resin material, the F900 AICS comes ready to produce certified flight hardware with precision repeatability from the first part to the 1000th part. 

PRO Upgrade

The F900 PRO includes all the benefits and value of the AICS configuration, now extended to all industries. As a production-grade system, it’s ready to produce parts with the highest FDM repeatability and performance, including the use of ULTEM 9085 resin.  

F900 Upgrade

Already have a Fortus 900 machine and looking to take advantage of all that the third generation of technology has to offer? Then have we got good news for you! Both hardware and software upgrades are available, and will work on both GEN 1 and GEN 2 systems. (However, GEN 1 systems will not gain the features on the GEN 2 such as the camera or certifications.) 

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