Engineering The Future: Knoxville Area Urban League Explores 3D Technology

By Madeleine Hartle on


Let’s face it – kids are getting smarter. They’re graduating college, solving the world’s problems and now becoming 3D CAD experts!

These future scholars began their rigorous training with ModernTech Application Engineer Brian Metzger. This included hands-on assessment of some of our 3D printed models, fun examples of how CAD systems could be used to win at the Winter Olympics and a tour to see our in-house 3D printers.


“Talking to the kids was a blast! They get engaged, ask incredible insightful questions and show a real excitement for engineering and problem solving,” Brian said. “It helped me remember why I became an engineer myself years ago. I can’t wait to see what the next generation is going to come up with.”

At the end of the day, all 30 kids received a 3D printed bracelet as a token of their time here learning with us.

“Brian did a fantastic job teaching the children about SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing,” Spencer Matheny, ModernTech Inside Sales Representative, said. “He was very engaging and had the children asking lots of questions. It was impressive how easily he was able to lead the discussion and keep the children engaged.”

Thanks to ModernTech’s Brian Metzger, Spencer Matheny and Joel Reed from VFab 3d for coordinating this opportunity to better serve our Knoxville community!

Knoxville Modern Tech building

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