Engineering Isn’t Easy

By Bill Ripol on

TriMech Staffing is fortunate for many reasons, one being the connection to a brand as reliable as TriMech. It’s that backbone that allows us to create and maintain relationships with our clients. 

As the President of TriMech Staffing, I hear stories that exemplify this on a weekly basis. TriMech is an engineering resources company, which focuses on technology, processes and people. Our engineering and manufacturing clients use our leading technologies to design and manufacture their products, and they need top tier people to operate the machinery. The problem is that the expertise needed for these positions is not easy to find. Even highly-skilled hiring managers and internal recruiters struggle to find the specific and rare talents that are required. 

The Conversation

The standard that TriMech holds stood out to me in a recent scenario. One of our engineering recruiters contacted a potential client about an open position that was being advertised and received the response, “We don’t use staffing agencies.” Six months later, a second staffing representative reached out to the same client and mentioned working for TriMech, the engineering solutions provider who sold them SOLIDWORKS. With just that additional information the following conversation occurred:TriMech Staffing conversation

The Effects

Companies find themselves in need of filling a position and might reach out to generalist firms, ones who are really good at finding accountants or assistants or clerks. After receiving 30 or 40 resumes, they feel like progress is being made. After a week of resume review, they realize that none of the candidates are good matches. More time is wasted. Work is not being completed. Other engineers are overloaded. Product delivery suffers. Margins slip.

The Simplified Solution

Frustrated with their progress, companies turn to TriMech. They talk with an Account Manager, Recruiter and maybe an Engineer about the intricacies of the position. TriMech agrees to do a search and sends two or three resumes. After reviewing the three candidates, two are selected for interviews and move forward. The other is held for a back-up because she/he was also a good fit. A week later an offer is made and accepted.

What if the six weeks of this hiring process hadn’t been wasted?

We hear these stories weekly. Why do TriMech Staffing clients like to work with us? Simple, our goals are the same. They want to shorten the hiring process by having us find, qualify, and interview great candidates significantly faster than they, or others, can do.

How Does This happen? 

  • Our Recruiters and Account Managers understand engineering and manufacturing which allows them to ask relevant questions.
  • Our Recruiting team has years of experience and solely focuses on the engineering and manufacturing realm.
  • We have a 100,000-candidate database of people working in the design, engineering and manufacturing business.
  • We’ve learned best hiring practices from over 15,000 clients.
  • TriMech’s 90+ Engineering team helps us to understand clients’ unique needs and qualify potential candidates.

Many TriMech clients have great success finding outstanding engineers. But Engineering isn’t easy. We want to do our job so that our clients can get back to theirs. It’s hearing stories like the ones above that lets us know we are on the right track.

If you find yourself in a situation like the one above, don’t waste your time. Look to TriMech Staffing; we would love to discuss your staffing opportunities. Interested, or want to learn more? Just reach out to learn how we can help.