DriveWorks CPQ – Rules and Updates Made Easy

By Devin Martin on

DriveWorks CPQ enables you to create custom web facing configurator with 3D models that update in real time based on user selections. Once those selections are made, DriveWorks can pass any necessary data to 3rd party systems such as ERP systems, create quotes and other sales documents, generate BOM’s, and even create the actual CAD parts, assemblies, and Drawings! DriveWorks is a best-in-class CPQ and configurator tool, relying on its unique and easy to use rules engine and function builder to make implementations and updates easy!

Below are five DriveWorks CPQ tips and tricks to make writing rules quick, easy, and fun!

The Function Wizard

screenshot of open file with green background and text
DriveWorks Function Wizard

The DriveWorks Function Wizard makes writing complex rules and formatting easy. This unique wizard allows you to select a function from a list of over 325 available, and from there will walk you through how to build it. The function Wizard automatically takes care of formatting and even helps you with the specific information needed to successfully complete the function. This is a great tool to use if you are new to using DriveWorks or writing rules. The Function Wizard is a truly helpful tool that makes setting up your configurator easy!

Rule Insight

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Rule Insight

If you are ready to step up from the Function Wizard but haven’t quite memorized all 325+ functions available in DriveWorks, don’t worry – DriveWorks rule insight makes setting up and writing rules quick and easy. I take advantage of the rules insight and autocomplete features to speed up rule development. The rule insight feature allows you to just start typing and as you type, it gives live feedback about what needs to come next making writing the rule easy even for beginners.


file with green background and two open drop down menus filled with text

Rule insight provides visual aid and help when writing rules, but when combined with autocomplete, you increase your productivity even further. The Rule builder compares what you are writing to the existing tables, variables, constants, functions, and form controls to dynamically suggest what is needed in order to complete the rule! The intelligent prompts combined with the rule insight make writing any DriveWorks rule quick and easy business.

Rule Builder colors and visual feedback

green background on open file
Rule Builder Colors and Visual Feedback
open file with red menu and green text background
Rule Builder Colors and Visual Feedback

Visual feedback is something that always simplifies things, and DriveWorks does not disappoint in this area. Take advantage of DriveWorks’ excellent visual feedback within the rule builder to streamline development and become a top DriveWorks administrator in your company. There are many different areas that DriveWorks provides visual feedback, starting with the entire backdrop of the rule builder! Did you know you can set the background to change specific colors based on if the rule you are creating is a valid rule? By default, it is green/red to easily alert you if the rule is an invalid rule. This can be adjusted to any color of your liking. Additionally, you get visual feedback built into the text that is used in the rule! This allows you to easily see what value is a control value, what value is a text value, and what value is a function value. These can also be completely customized. As you write your rules, you’ll notice additional feedback related to rule insight and autocomplete, but perhaps the most helpful feedback you’ll receive relates to parentheses. DriveWorks automatically highlights matching sets of parentheses which makes it undeniably easy to create complex rules nested in parentheses. To date, this is by far the easiest way to keep track of parentheses that I have come across.

Filter Form Controls by Form in the Content Browser

menu listing text with green background
Filter Form Controls

The fifth productivity tool that we are covering that is built into the DriveWorks rule builder is the Content Browser. It allows you to access various form controls, constants, variables, and more directly from the rule builder. This content can be further filtered by the name of the control, the control type (picture box, macro button, label…) and you can even filter by which form the control resides, making it easy to access the exact item you want to write into the rule! Once you have the item filtered down in the content browser, all you need to do is double click it, and it will automatically add the item right into the rule or function builder. This is an extremely friendly way to navigate lots of variables, constants, and controls.