Doubling Your Odds

By Jeremy Hirsch on

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, we all find ourselves in uncertain times. Every one of us is combating new challenges directly as a result of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have had to cut travel and face-to-face meetings and for many of the manufacturers we work with, the contracts they have been waiting on or parts they need are on hold. So, while others find roadblocks, we recently worked with a client that found innovation.

The Background

About a month ago we were approached by a client needing an industrial designer. Their business was reliant on face-to-face meetings and bringing scaled examples of their products to show clients. They were worried about the lack of in-person meetings and were looking for ways to hopefully hold off on losing sales.

The Solution

They came up with an idea to hire an industrial designer to make high-quality models of their product that they could show off on their website, as well as work directly with the marketing team on materials they could provide to their salespeople. This would allow their sales team to have visually captivating examples for their virtual sales calls through Zoom or Skype meetings.

After a few days of searching, TriMech Staffing provided them with several different candidates. They determined all options fit their specific requirements but wanted to start phone and video interviews with two and work down from there. The first individual they talked to was a former SOLIDWORKS Instructor and knew the ins and outs of the program. The other interview candidate had a long history of an industrial designer and they really liked the candidate’s portfolio.

The Results

Both candidates had amazing interviews. They each shined in different ways. The first candidate had superior technical skills that our client wanted to utilize. The second candidate’s creativity and personality felt like a natural fit for their company. The client struggled with selecting a candidate.

Based on these results, we collaborated with our client to find a solution. Because they were looking for this person to be a contractor working remotely, they decided to start both and see who could design a better part. They would give them each something to work on and keep who worked out the best.

Again, both candidates succeeded based on their individual skillset. The first seemed to design with thorough knowledge of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software while the second also made an excellent and visually impressive design.

In the end, our client decided that both should be brought on as contractors. The first to work with their engineering team due to their SOLIDWORKS prowess and ability to work on new product lines, while the second contractor would work with Marketing to make visually appealing materials to help their salespeople.

Even when there is not a pandemic disrupting our normalcy, outside the box thinking can naturally separate you from your competition. Innovation and the right partnerships are paramount to moving our businesses forward. If you have hit your own walls in finding the right talent or needing the right tools to climb back on track, TriMech Staffing may be the answer you are looking for!

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