Display Customization in SOLIDWORKS

By Chris Joren on

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video of a SOLIDWORKS guru or even looked over your coworker’s shoulder, you might’ve noticed that not everybody uses the same display settings for SOLIDWORKS. This can be done to reduce eye strain, match with a previous CAD software or just because it looks cooler. In this week’s Video Tech Tip we’ll walk you through the process of customizing your display settings.

To find all these custom settings, you’ll simply have to go to Options > Colors. At the top you’ll see the icon color. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to choose any color you want, but if you’re pining for the green and yellow icons from a few years ago and back, here’s your chance to use the “Classic” option to get rid of the new blue and white icons. 

Underneath icon color you’ll see Background. This isn’t your graphical display background, rather the background for your icons and feature tree, etc. The standard now is light, but feel free to play around with the four levels of gray to find one that feels comfortable on your eyes. 

The next box lets you choose the color for pretty much anything in SOLIDWORKS. If you want the highlighted faces to be bright orange, the reference dimensions to be black instead of gray or even the paper color on your drawings to be different, simply find it in the list.

Finally, there’s the Background Appearance. By default, your background will be the standard 3-point blue and white cloudy background. This isn’t forced, so you can easily change the background for your templates and everything you open will have whatever background you like. The next few options, however, will override those appearances. The first is just a plain color background. Next is the gradient, you can select two colors and have your background fade from one into the next (favorite sports team colors are popular here). Finally, you can add an image. I recommend an image you’d use as an actual Windows background, you want it very large and high resolution!

Display Customization in SOLIDWORKS

Now get out there and make the software your own, all of these settings affect your computer only, so there’s no chance of screwing anything up! Note: Reset to defaults is available at the bottom.

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