Differences Between Split Line, Project Curve and Wrap in SOLIDWORKS

By Chang Lee on

Split Line, Project Curve, and Wrap: what’s the difference between these SOLIDWORKS features? Some users might’ve used them interchangeably without noticing any differences. In this Video Tech Tip, we will examine how these three features are different from each other and help you decide when to use each.

The Wrap feature is useful when placing a sketch onto a cylindrical face. Among the three, this feature is the only way to achieve a true cover around a face, whereas the others will only project perpendicular or normal from their plane. However, unlike the others, this feature can only use closed contour sketches (meaning it won’t work with open nor intersecting sketches). It also won’t work on spheres. 

Split Line

Like the Wrap feature, the Split Line feature will divide an existing face by the specified sketch. While the feature can work with open contours, it must use a sketch that fully encompasses the boundary of the face (closed contour sketches don’t need to follow this rule).

Project Curve

The Project Curve feature is more like the Split Line than the Wrap feature. It can do everything the Split Line feature with one exception; it gives up the ability to split faces in favor of being able to use open contour sketches that are within the boundary of a face.

Below you’ll find a comparison chart to help you understand how these features are different from each other. With this information, you’ll be prepared to use the right tool for the job.

Differences between Curve, Wrap and Split Lines SOLIDWORKS

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